Award Winning BTL Emsella At Bonar House Clinic

September 1, 2023

An award-winning and pioneering treatment that tackles embarrassing incontinence and pelvic floor issues is now available locally, at Bonar House Clinic, in Hadleigh.


Whether you are suffering with some degree of urinary incontinence or would simply like to be proactive in order to maintain the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, the BTL Emsella is a medically-approved treatment method for stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence.

Having built a reputation over 23 years for offering industry-leading, trusted treatments in a relaxed setting, Bonar House Clinic lends itself perfectly to offering this discreet and confidential service, to both men and women.


It is very common to experience weakening of the pelvic floor muscles as a result of various life events such as child birth, menopause, illness or even due to strenuous exercise.

The pelvic floor can be strengthened by regularly completing pelvic floor tightening exercises (Kegel exercises), but very few of us complete them effectively or as often as we should. In the past, treatment has typically been invasive or hard to access which prevents most people from seeking help.


The BTL Emsella uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles to contract, providing a workout equivalent to over 11,000 Kegel exercises in each 28-minute session. You remain fully clothed during each session and treatment is pain-free with no downtime required.

Bonar House Clinic launched the BTL Emsella with the hope of bringing a simple solution to a very common problem that so many people suffer from silently. The results have been fantastic and below are some testimonials from clients that have had treatment at Bonar House Clinic themselves:

“As a woman in her fifties who has suffered from incontinence for a considerable number of years and having had drug therapy, physiotherapy and other medical treatment with very little success, I decided to try Emsella. The cost seemed high but I weighed this against the possible health benefits. I knew that it wouldn’t completely relieve my symptoms but any improvement was welcome. Having completed the course of treatment, I have been quite surprised by the positive results which are beyond my expectations. My symptoms have greatly improved and I consider Emsella to have been worth every penny.”

“I am so glad I found this treatment and went ahead with it. It has made me feel so much more confident in myself and in the company of others”.

"For me personally, I lived with an undiagnosed digestive problem for years which caused many bowel problems. I have regained more control over this too as the whole pelvic sling of muscles is targeted. For me it’s a definite win win."

"I would absolutely recommend EMSELLA to anyone who is living with incontinence. And 10 out of 10 to Bonar House for their approach to handling such a sensitive issue with their clients."

To find out if Emsella would be a suitable treatment option for you, contact Bonar House Clinic on 01702 558574 or visit their website for further information


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