Pelvic Floor Strengthening with the BTL Emsella – does it really work?

December 14, 2023

Pelvic Floor Strengthening with the BTL Emsella – does it really work?

The most common question we are asked about the BTL Emsella is “does it really work?”. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles by sitting fully clothed on a chair seems too good to be true but the good news is – it isn’t.

We are a salon that pride ourselves on our honesty and have built our client base by only offering treatments that we truly believe in and can recommend faithfully to clients. When asked if the BTL Emsella works, our honest answer, is yes. We have been offering the treatment since 2020 and have successfully treated a large variety of conditions. Not only is the Emsella effective for those suffering with varying degrees of incontinence, but is excellent for those wishing to improve their pelvic floor after childbirth, throughout and post-menopause or simply to maintain a healthy pelvic floor.

The BTL Emsella is medically approved and clinically proven to tighten and strengthen the pelvic floor. If you want to improve the strength of your pelvic floor or are experiencing any problems and have been told they are a result of weak pelvic muscles, then the BTL Emsella is an incredibly fast and effective way to strengthen the full sling of muscles.

We explain to every client that the BTL Emsella might not help if their condition is due to another underlying cause such as an overactive bladder, some neurological conditions and the use of certain medications. If your symptoms are being caused by anything other than the pelvic floor then unfortunately the Emsella alone is unlikely to resolve the issue, although an improvement can sometimes be achieved from strengthening the pelvic floor regardless.

How does the BTL Emsella work?

The BTL Emsella uses clinically proven HIFEM technology to create deep and intense pelvic floor contractions, causing microscopic tears in the muscle fibres. Your body repairs the damaged fibres by fusing them together, in turn increasing the mass and size of the muscle. Just like any other muscle, if you exercise if regularly, it will grow larger and stronger.

The benefit compared to traditional pelvic floor exercises is that it contracts the entirety of each muscle far more effectively than we can manage ourselves meaning the improvement is greater and faster than if we were to try our own Kegel exercises.

How often would I need treatment and how much does it cost?

All clients are recommended a course of 6 treatments, across 3 weeks and the cost of the course is £750. One individual session is then recommended to maintain results once every 3-4 months.

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