Belton Way wall collapse after heavy rainfall

February 27, 2024

A section of collapsed wall in Belton Way is closed off to the public amid fears of a more substantial cliff slip.

Southend Council closed part of Belton Hills - off Marine Parade - earlier this month as engineers investigate the stability of the northern end of the cliffs The cliff frontages are predominantly formed of London Clay and have a long history of slope instability.

This instability derives from historical erosion processes causing the clay slopes to become over-steepened. Ongoing erosion and climate change contribute to further instability in the slopes.

In early 2021, concerns were raised about the ongoing cracking and settlement of the pavement and the slope next to Belton Way East, despite superficial repairs being undertaken regularly and the installation of piles on the downslope side of the road.

This road is an important transport link between Leigh-on-Sea station in the south and Marine Parade in the north just above Belton Hills. Southend-on-Sea City Council’s highways department identified that these areas required a more substantial investigation and a remedial solution to provide long term stability. It secured government funding to pursue a more permanent stabilisation scheme for the highway.


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