Trial safety scheme for eastbound lanes at Kent Elms

February 23, 2024

An experimental safety scheme to introduce a left turn only for motorists on the eastbound A127 at Kent Elms is planned with works due to start on Monday 26 February 2024.

The change will see lane one become left turn only for vehicles turning into Rayleigh Road.

This new scheme is being tested at one of the city’s busiest junctions and will remove the need for motorists to use the current merge lane on the A127 when travelling straight ahead though the junction.

Several changes will be made to the junction to help motorists with the new road layout including:

Installing new signage to give advance warning of the changes to the road layout and flexible lane separator cones between lanes one and two of the eastbound carriageway to prevent motorists from changing lanes.

Installing additional temporary kerbs on the Rayleigh Road traffic island so that they follow the new road layout when approaching the junction in the left lane and cannot go straight ahead.

Lane closures are necessary at the junction to protect both the road workers and members of the public. All closures will be clearly signposted in the surrounding area. The works will start on Monday 26 February and are due to finish by Sunday 3 March 2024, although this is subject to change depending on weather.

The experimental safety scheme will be tested for 18 months and data such as queue length will be used to inform future recommendations after the test period.

Councillor Kevin Buck, cabinet member for highways, transport and parking, said: “I’m pleased that we are able to introduce this at one of our city’s busiest junctions. We will be closely monitoring how this improves the safety of our motorists and this will inform any future recommendations.

“We are making every effort to ensure minimal disruption to motorists while we install the new layout and I want to thank road users in advance for their patience.”


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