Brave stab victim speaks out

December 3, 2018 by

A brave man, who was stabbed in the back by two thugs after defending his girlfriend has spoken out. 

Jayson Hurrell, 28, was out in Southend with his girlfriend last Wednesday when they were targeted by two men at a takeaway in Clifftown Road. 

The two men started abusing Mr Hurrell's girlfriend and were thrown out by the shop owner. The shop owner followed them outside to stop them coming back in and Mr Hurrell followed to lend his support. It was at this time that one of the two men punched Mr Hurrell in the face, breaking his nose, whilst the second then stabbed him in the back. The victim didn't even realise at the time, until he went back into the shop only for his girlfriend to notice the extend of his injuries. Mr Hurrell collapsed and was rushed to hospital. 

Two men have been arrested in relation to the assault. A an 18 year old has been released without charge whilst a 33 year old man has been bailed until December 19. 

Mr Hurrell has been left traumatised by the attack but hopes that speaking out will raise awareness about the dangers of knife crime in the area. 

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