Mother left horrified after she learns ten year old daughter is threatened with knife on way to school

December 3, 2018 by Joanna

A mother was horrified to learn that her ten year old daughter was threatened with a knife on her way to school.

The girl, who was cycling at the time, accidentally bumped into two teenage boys who were wearing the Cecil Jones Academy Uniform. The girl apologised but was told it wasn't good enough and was told she was going to be stabbed as the boy pulled out a small pen knife. 

The girl fortunately quicky got back on her bike and cycled away before any threats were actioned. 

The mother is calling for schools to do more to keep children safe and to ensure pupils aren't carrying knives. 

Cecil Jones has said they're unable to comment on individual incidents, but have stressed that most schools un the UK deal with these types of incidents from time time and that they're not alone in this regard. They are confident in the academy and do everything in terms of managing challenging behaviour. 

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