Chalkwell: 39 drivers reported as part of road safety campaign

April 18, 2024

Vision Zero enforcement sees 39 drivers reported for not wearing their seatbelt and 12 cars seized for no insurance in Chalkwell.

Essex Police held a Vision Zero day in support of this month’s national road safety campaign. The campaign forces on the Fatal Four offences that contribute collisions where someone is killed or seriously injured.

Throughout April, the Roads Policing Unit, who are dedicated to keeping the roads in Essex safe for everyone, are focussing on the offences of speeding, non-wearing of seatbelts by both drivers and passengers, distraction caused by mobile phones and drink or drug driving.

Essex Roads Policing Unit continues to work hard with our partners at Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) to make the roads in Essex safe, to reduce crime on our roads and uphold the law.

50 people reported and 12 vehicles seized and in just one day, Thursday 11 April, they seized 12 vehicles and reported 50 drivers for a variety of road-related offences:

39 people reported for not wearing seat belts - 39 people

6 people reported for using a mobile phone while driving

12 vehicles seized for not having insurance

3 people reported for illegal window tints

1 person reported for careless driving

And 6 more people were reported for other traffic offences


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