Embrace the Bouldering Community at Indirock: Membership Options and Benefits

April 18, 2024

The Indirock community continues to expand with each passing day. Witnessing individuals fall in love with bouldering and choosing Indirock as their bouldering home brings us immense joy.

Bouldering, as a sport, offers a multitude of benefits, spanning from physical to mental well-being. Today, however, we want to highlight its social aspect.

At Indirock, we've cultivated a warm and welcoming community where everyone feels at home. We take pride in extending a helping hand to newcomers, guiding them through their journey, and offering unwavering support. In line with our commitment to inclusivity, we've introduced new membership options:

Annual Membership – £560 (equivalent to only £46.66 per month!)

6-Month Membership – £290 (equivalent to £48.33 per month)

3-Month Membership – £155 (equivalent to £51.33 per month)

These options provide all the advantages of our monthly membership, including unlimited bouldering anytime, a 10% discount on all purchases in our cafe and climbing shop, significant discounts on workshops and courses, and exclusive access to our gym room. All of these benefits are available at the most affordable rate possible!

But the array of choices doesn't stop there.

Did you know about our Super Off-Peak Monthly Membership at £32? Exclusively for weekday entries before 4pm, including school holidays.

Attention students! We have something special in store for you. Keep an eye out for our new student holiday memberships, launching closer to the start of the summer holidays.

Additionally, we're proud to introduce our Low-Income Unlimited Direct Debit Membership for £32 per month. Please note, this option can only be arranged with our staff at reception, and valid ID/proof must be presented.

At Indirock, our mission is to ensure bouldering is accessible to all, regardless of age or background. That's why we've crafted a diverse array of membership options. We hope these offerings assist you in finding your perfect bouldering experience.

See you on the mats, becoming an integral part of our thriving community!

Visit indirock.co.uk to explore our pricing options or discover upcoming workshops. Alternatively, you can download the Beta App for easy access.


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