Sweep our Soot: The go-to people for any chimney-related concerns

May 22, 2017 by Liam Jefferies

Sweep our Soot are the go-to people for any chimney-related concerns, offering all the services you need to keep your fires operating at a safe and efficient level. This can save you time, money and (perhaps more importantly) a lot of cleaning up.

It is becoming increasingly common for insurance purposes to have a mandated requirement of an annual sweep. So it’s good to know that with every sweep, you will receive a certificate of professional service which serves your policy.

The owner, Peter, has lived in Leigh-on-Sea for the past 17 years, and trained at the Institute of Chimney Sweeps (ICS), so it is fair to say he knows his stuff about chimneys.

Sweep our Soot also offer a stove refurbishment service, bringing your stove back to its former glory.

Whether you’re after a full inspection and diagnostic of your chimney and flues, or some safety advice and guidance on safety with chimney pots and cowells, give Sweep our Soot a call today!


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