Christmas Crackers

December 4, 2017 by Melinda @ Giles Wilson Solicitors

Leigh Broadway and Leigh Road are alive with Christmas decorations and hopefully you have all enjoyed the decorations in our window too where we have cracked open an over-sized cracker so that all the trinkets representing our services have tipped out. The jokes that fell out of that cracker were all on a legal theme (bear with me, we only know 3 lawyer jokes, the rest are true stories….) but those that we did find are worth sharing, I hope.

Q: What did the Lawyer name his daughter?
A: Sue


Q: What happened to the man who stole an Advent Calendar?A: He got 25 days…


Q: How will Christmas be different after Brexit?
A: No Brussels


Q: Have you heard that Santa is being sued by one of his Employees?
A: Allegedly he breached Elf & Safety Regulations….


And for those of you who are still worried that it is illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day, you can relax- this law was abolished in 1647 so eat away, and enjoy!

In the meantime, if any children are warned by you that they may not have behaved well enough to receive gifts from Santa, we shall defend them! Remember – in our legal system, you are nice until proven to be naughty!

From all of us at Giles Wilson, we wish you a wonderful holiday time (although in doing so, we cannot guarantee the outcome, and our liability in this respect is limited).

This article is by Melinda Giles at Giles Wilson Solicitors.
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