Shopping local for Christmas

November 28, 2017 by Ray Morgan

After all the excitement of Leigh Lights on Friday (well done to Leigh Town Council and all the lovely businesses that opened late and made everything so festive!) I am feeling distinctly Christmassy.

I had my first mince pie of the season from The Book Inn's Cake Bar - did you know those guys do loads of vegan options? It was so nice to go in on Friday night and have mulled wine and choose cakes to take home. I enjoyed chatting about vegan and veggie food with the girls behind the counter - they really took the time to talk and I'll definitely be returning to try their vegan sausage rolls.

I spent the evening between The Book Inn and Truleigh Scrumptious; the former for their Luminaries night of local authors doing readings plus a literary quiz, and the latter for their live music, prosecco, and impromptu dancing. Before these though, I walked into the Broadway from work, chilly in the evening cold, seeing streams of people making their way into the town for the lights and festivities. Children were excitedly chatting, buzzing from being out late, people were in woolly hats and mittens, and a brass band played in the crossing by the church. It was pure Stars Hollow joy (if you know, you know).

The next day, Jo had a rare Saturday off, and we walked into the newly lit Broadway to get some Christmas presents. We have a fair few kids to buy for, and we bought lots of sweet, wholesome goodies in Little Changes. We popped to the new Corner Club cafe for takeaway coffees to warm our hands, walked home the long way, looking in all the gorgeous festive window displays. Massive kudos to Scape, who pretty much nail the Christmas window every year. If you've not been there to see it, it's a must!

Yes, Amazon Prime is amazing when you're pushed for time, and I'm still not sure how the super-fast Argos same-day delivery works (elves, right? It's elves) - but buying local is infinitely more satisfying. The independent shops in Leigh are bursting at the seams with Christmas gift ideas, and I love that we live somewhere so independent.

Make sure you get some of your pressies, decorations and festive food and bevs from our local shops - surely that's the best Christmas gift for any shopkeeper in these weird, digital times. No having-to-be-home-for-delivery stresses, no virtual basket woes. IRL you'll get a "Merry Christmas!" - and let's face it, you don't get that at the Amazon checkout, do you?

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