Cirque Berserk - Our Review

September 18, 2019 by

Last night, we went out on a date with difference. Not only did we get to see the incredible 'real circus made for theatre' in Cirque Berserk at The Cliffs Pavilion, but we also got to share it with a very excited seven year old! And what with this amazing show being referred to as 'great for kids and even better for adults', what better than two generations to review it together!

So from a little ones point of view, well the best translation we wish we could deliver to you would be simply a captured video of Matilda's sheer delight, amazement and total transfixion the whole way through. There wasn't a bottom fidget to speak of and a constant smile was planted across her face, only ever being at times replaced with gasps of appreciation.

So how did Matilda sum up the show when asked? 'Mummy it was incredible. How many nights is it on? Can we come to every single one of them? They were all so very brave, so flexible but you were joking weren't you about the fire being real?' .. No darling I wasn't! Another gasp!

And for us grown ups, well it's true what they say. It really is 'great for kids and even better for adults'. From start to finish of this 90 minute show, we too were totally in awe of contemporary style artistry combined with adrenaline fulled stunts that made our hearts stop beating at times!

We don't want to say too much, we wouldn't want to spoilt it but this family show is one not to be missed! 

Showing at The Cliffs Pavilion until this Sunday 22nd September. To book your tickets please click here 


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