Concern's over Southend Nightclub drink spiking

February 20, 2019 by

Concerns have been raised over a number of drinks being spiked in a Southend nightclub. 

Nightclub, Moo Moo's in Southend, have defended their saftey record despite Essex Police confirming that between November 2018 - January 2018 five official reports of drinks being spiked were logged at the venue, with an alledged additional two incidents taking place last weekend.

Two young women were taken to Southend Hospital, with both victims parents only meeting by chance and establishing that both their daughters had at some point in the evening been in the same venue.

Club bosses at Moo Moo have not received any reports from the weekend incidents and have confirmed that they have a strong security team in place who regularly remind their clients to be vigilant and report any concerns to them immediately. 

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