CopyOf_1551086485_Legal Eagle Q & A: My partner and I have agreed to get divorced. Do we need separate Solicitors?

January 14, 2019 by Melinda @ Giles Wilson Solicitors

Question: My husband and I got through Christmas for the sake of the children but we have agreed now to separate and go for a divorce. Do we need to get separate solicitors? We are quite agreed on the way forward.

Answer:  I am sorry to hear that you are in this situation.  These days it is possible for one or either of you to deal with the application for a divorce yourself without a solicitor, but either way you would need separate legal advice if you did use a solicitor.  You should get legal advice on the financial side of the divorce because even if you do agree on things, it is always best to check that the court order that you agree to covers everything it should. We are happy to help with part of your divorce or all of it.

This Q & A is by Melinda Giles at Giles Wilson Solicitors.  

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