Developer determined to get flat rejection application overturned

October 9, 2018 by

Local Property Developer Brian Strickland, Managing Director of Sandhurst New Homes has experessed his determination to get an application overturned after a proposal to demoilish the Old Vienna Restaurant in Leigh with a block of flats was rejected by Southend Councils Development Control Committee. 

The decision, which was announced at the latter part of last week, was refused because it was claimed that the proposed 15 flats over 3 storeys was far too big for the area and an insufficient contribution contribution has been made towards affordable housing or education. 

Concerns about parking on Tudor Gardens was also raised, as only one space per flat was proposed. 

Council planning officers had approved of the plans, saying the 15 flats would be a better use of the site than it remaining a former restaurant, which closed in 2016, and now derelict site.

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