Enough is enough!

May 30, 2016 by Rob Kahl

Enough is enough!

I do realise I am in a fortunate position that I get to air my ramblings every week in the vain hope that somebody out there might be listening?

I have always tried to make my articles about the local area, the housing market or my experiences of selling properties in our great town. I have always tried to refrain from using my platform to just have a rant about things that gripe me and giving more weight to the rumours that I am turning into a grumpy old man.

But the time has come to vent my spleen, I have had enough and it feels like good value therapy to share my feelings with you all.

Last weekend was the bank holiday and Saturday in Leigh Broadway was heaving as usual. It is always great to see the town so buzzy and there was a great mix of locals, shoppers, café goers and families enjoying the Spring weather and having a mooch around the place.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a new band of people attracted to Leigh on busy, sunny days and this group (in my opinion only obviously) is not as welcome.

We are lucky to live in such an affluent area and people, quite rightly are proud to show how well they are doing. One way that people display their wealth has always been their cars (hence why I drive a Smart car!) and Leigh has always had its fair share of posh motors.

The recent trend however seems to be for these guys to show off their cars at break neck speeds through our busy Broadway!

As I said, the weekend was, as is usually the case, extremely busy with pedestrians walking around and the speed that some of these cars zoomed through the town was frightening.

It surely is just a matter of time that somebody accidentally steps out in front of a car doing 40, 50 or even 60 miles an hour through the Broadway and I think we can all think what the consequences of that may be.

I am trying not to come across as an old fuddy duddy and despite the car that I drive, I am actually very fond of these Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, BMW’s and Mercedes that come through the town. And if they want to drive to the end of Leigh Road, turn round and drive all the way back again then I don’t really care, good luck to them.

They should however be more aware of the young children walking around and people out enjoying the town while they rev their engines or screech off down the road.

I do not pretend that I have all the answers and I am probably not the best person to ask whether the local speed limit should be lowered or traffic calming measures put in place, but perhaps if we make people aware of the potential risks then it ca be self policing and they can drive up and down the Broadway to their hearts content.

Also I do appreciate that I am generalising. And I apologise if you are lucky enough to own a lovely car that drives with the appropriate caution when the Broadway is busy or if you feel that I have missed you out because you drive an old rubbish car but you still speed through the town then you are still included.

Perhaps I will try and take photos as these cars whizz passed the office and we can start naming and shaming?

Let me know if this is something that gets on your nerves as well or if it is just me? Also if there is something you want to get off your own chest let me know and if I agree we can’t vent together.

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