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March 25, 2020 by Emily Mertens

A few weeks into staying at home, you might be starting to feel a bit lost. And with UK lockdown expected to last for at least three weeks, we all need to start thinking about how we're going to keep our mental health up whilst doing our very best to stay inside as much as possible.

Taking up a new hobby is a great way of keeping yourself busy during these strange and difficult next few weeks, and Create98 has the perfect solution to help you start a new creative journey!

Launching a FREE online art and craft service, all Leigh-on-Sea locals can now get their creativity juices flowing free of charge. Each week, a schedule of challenges, tutorials and tasks will be put together to keep you busy.

From cookery recipes to meditation, kids craft time to competitions, there's something new for everyone to try. It's also perfect for parents looking for ways of entertaining the kids whilst they're no longer at school.

Simply follow Create98 on Facebook and Instagram to get involved and add a bit of positivity and creativity into your new daily routine - let us know how you get on!

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