Estuary 2020: How to get involved in the large-scale art festival

March 4, 2020 by Emily Mertens

Celebrating all things art, music, literature and film related, Estuary 2020 is the second edition of this large-scale festival.

Taking place on the Thames Estuary, between 18th September - 18th October, contemporary artworks and events will occur, all boasting powerful themes related to the estuary iteself.

Fancy getting involved? Here's how:

Artist Commissions:
Deadline - 6th March

Essex Cultural Diversity Project and Metal have joined together to create opportunities for two emerging artists within the Estuary 2020 programme at Wat Tyler Country Park, one of four main hubs for Estuary 2020. Here's where to apply.

Associated programme: Deadline - 30th April

If you're organising an exhibition, screening, talk, gig, walk, performance or other arts and heritage event related to the Thames Estuary during the Estuary 2020 dates, get in touch.

As part of Estuary 2020, young people and teachers from across South Essex and North Kent are invited to get involved in creating a collective response to what life is like living and working by the great and spectacular river that is the Thames Estuary. 

These include:
1. Free workshops for Teachers (March-May 2020)
2. Free workshops for Young People (March-July 2020)
3. Free Teachers Pack (Available from March 2020)
4. Creative Journaling open to anyone living by the Estuary (Feb-June 2020)
5. Public Programme as part of Estuary 2020 (18 Sept - 18 Oct 2020)

Find out more and book here!