Gilbert & George film new Daytripping Series in Thorpe Bay

May 2, 2024

Gilbert and George, the renowned artists, were spotted filming at Thorpe Bay Station on Tuesday morning. Directed by the world famous local lad Iain B McDonald, the filming was part of their new "Daytripping" series. The film will make up a trilogy of Daytripping films where the artists journey to Southend-on-Sea and explore the fundamental questions of life, the universe and everything.

Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore are known for their distinctive and highly formal appearance and manner in performance art, and also for their brightly coloured graphic-style photo-based artworks. Gilbert and George's approach to art has always been anti-elitist. Adopting the slogan 'Art for All', they aimed to be relevant beyond the narrow confines of the art world. Although they work in a variety of media, they have always referred to all of their works as "sculpture".

The Gilbert and George Centre in East London's current exhibition is Gilbert & George’s ‘LONDON PICTURES’ – open from 12 April 2024 for the duration of 2024. The largest group of pictures created by Gilbert & George, the ‘LONDON PICTURES’ offers both a directory of urban human behaviour and a moral portrait of our times. Brutal and declamatory, these brooding and disquieting pictures have been created from the sorting and classification by subject of 3,712 newspaper posters, stolen by Gilbert & George over a number of years. In their lucidity, no less than their insight into the daily realities of metropolitan life, the ‘LONDON PICTURES, are Dickensian in scope and ultra-modern in sensibility.

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