Girl Power

June 11, 2018 by Rob Kahl @ Scott & Stapleton

This month sees the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote and the Suffragette movement. It doesn’t seem feasible now the struggles that women went through back then just to get their voices heard and the same basic rights as us men.

One thing I have never had any problems with is hearing women voices. I seem to have been surrounded all my life by strong women (my 5 year old daughter being no exception) and at Scott & Stapleton it is no different.

We are very lucky to have nearly twice the amount of women as we have men in our office. Estate agency in my experience has always treated women on equal footing as men and the opportunities are exactly the same for both. At the moment there are no qualifications needed to become an estate agent (I would prefer it if there were) so hard work, common sense, people skills and dedication are all rewarded and women can get as far up the scale as they wish.

Obviously here at Scott & Stapleton we have women as the backbone of our business starting right at the top with Simone who is one of the directors, Lisa our sales lister and excellent negotiator and our whole property management team with Kirsty, Adele, Helen & Alyson, accounts department with Kaye, Martine & Debs as well as Annette in our block management department. They are a formidable bunch and keep us fellas on our toes with a clever blend of fear and respect!

Most estate agency or property management businesses are hugely supportive of women and can provide part time employment of flexible hours for those wishing to combine childcare with work and women are able to slot back in to any role after any maternity leave taken as well.

I am a huge advocate of a mixed office. I think it makes for a very healthy and productive office and both genders can bring their different points of view or skills to the party. Besides an office full of blokes can lead to too much swearing or them turning in to a bunch of old women anyway.

So if you are an empowered young women looking for a career where you have at the very least an equal chance of progressing as your male counterpart then you could do a lot worse than thinking of something in the property sector, you are always welcome. <

It is not only in the employment side of property that women are equal. After over 20 years of selling properties I am well aware of what sex calls the shots when it comes to the decision of what house to buy or rent. There is no point me wasting my time trying to flog a dead horse if the guy really likes the house and the girl just doesn’t want it.  

So to conclude, in my experience and industry gender equality is very much alive and kicking and long may it continue!

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