Here come the girls!

April 16, 2018 by Joanna

Having celebrated International Women’s day some weeks ago, I feel now is a great time to tell you Affinity’s story. From one desk, seating just myself with a whole lot of ambition; we’ve now developed into a large  brokerage that offers diversity to all our clients. None more so than the instrumental and inspirational ladies in my life that have helped shape my own career and driven such huge success to my business, Affinity Mortgages.

I remember my first foray into the world of estate agency as if it were yesterday (I wish it was that recent!). I was given my first chance by a lady. This same lady, who still in the same town, and an extremely successful person to this day. Still “wet behind the ears” I was interviewed by a person I immediately respected, engaged with and trusted. I then saw her in action at work – empathetic with all her clients, but an absolute force when it came to be dealing with them. She “got things done”. It was a very sharp lesson to a young man, but I could also see she won the hearts of every client she met and worked for/with. This taught me a valuable lesson……Don’t mess with the girls!

When I did finally move into the world of mortgages and started Affinity, I knew that as the business grew ladies were going to form a vital part of both our broking and administrative part of the business. We are very proud that the girls in Affinity are so vital to not only us, but every one of our clients that they meet…. putting aside the fact that their knowledge is incredible, and their organisation and drive is unquestionable, it’s the empathy, care and consideration they show to every client is the thing that really sets us aside to so many brokerages, I have either worked for or come into contact with. They have pushed the boundaries of the advice they give, and they centralise us gents, showing us different ways of approaching our clients and a work ethic that has made us better brokers too.

I often think that not enough businesses take the time to put their ladies front and central, instead using their own skills to promote themselves - and with the various horror stories circulating in the press from Hollywood and larger organisations it makes me very proud that Affinity, as an organisation fully backs equal opportunities for all members of our team. Not only to fulfil all their individual potentials but also for us all to learn and work together to make the experience for our clients, the single most important thing we undertake. In short to exceed all expectations.

It is no surprise that our ladies within Affinity are amongst our most successful brokers – this is because they just ‘get it’ – they get the pressures of a house move, they understand that the housing need is the reason for the move, they get that the dynamics of family life and how we all work hard to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for our families to grow. They just ‘get it’ - the house moving process!

As a firm we are constantly evolving, we have been very blessed to be instructed by so many clients –this alone is how our knowledge continues to grow and when people do find themselves struggling elsewhere, Affinity are able to add so much further assistance and value – again this is why we have been asked by so many local agents to help.

We are always here to help, and should you need any help finding your next mortgage please call or email us today.

This article is by Jamie Lewis, Managing Director at Affinity Mortgages.
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