In Defence of the Southend High Street Signs

November 18, 2016 by Liam Jefferies

Recently, a series of signs have been erected on the boarded up windows of the now closed BHS store on Southend High Street.

With uplifting slogans along the lines of “dream wonderful things” set against a bright backdrop, the works seem to have provoked the tumultuous ire of that clever lot who can’t just let something lovely exist.

Why is it, in today’s society, that something which isn’t trying to sell you anything or force you into a political stance, can incur such anger, are we so opposed to objective positivity?

Yes, what happened with BHS was terrible, and no-one should be let off the hook, but to directly attack an innocent attempt to make something a little more bearable to the eye does reek of the kind of smug omniscience that one must get when defacing a Starbucks cup. Bully for you, that’ll bring the establishment crashing down.

I suppose a certain amount of skepticism is expected. For decades, politicians and brands have used such similar slogans to “brainwash” the masses into conformity. However, before it all gets a bit tinfoil hat, let’s look at the facts.

This is not a commission on behalf of “those who control everything from the shadows” and was painted by local artist Charlotte Wright of Joe and Charlotte as an attempt to brighten up what was before an eyesore in it’s phase of redevelopment.

Outrage at this, with all the crap that’s gone on this year, is like taking offence at the colour of a dog’s collar as it bites off your face.