It's Party Time!

November 18, 2014 by Angie Poplett - Personal Stylist

It's party time!

So you've got the dress... What shoes do you go for...

Well I've had a good look around the stores and found some gorgeous shoes, sandals and boots to choose from. I'd start by thinking about how much time you're going to be spending on your feet. If you're going to be dancing all night you might not want to go for the skyscraper heels, even though they look amazing... You simply won't want to wear them ever again.

If you love your fashion and have lean legs and a midi length body-con dress then go for a shoe boot or even sandals and socks! Yes you read that correctly! It's all about the sparkly ankle socks with saddles... Check out H&M for the socks they do packs of different colours. You can also have a little sock showing with your shoe boot. Super-cute!

However if that's just too much fashion for your liking then have a look at these little beauties from office. These will look amazing with your party frock but also transcend the party season and look amazing with a pair of skinny jeans. Price per wear ladies!

Now back to the shoe boots... There's loads in the sores to choose from, so think about what you need from them to start with. There's a great pair in TopShop for £75, they're quite low, patent and really pointed, so comfy and gorgeous. If your looking for something to cover all your bases then there's a great pair in Jones the bookmakers. Don't let the suede put you off, they have an amazing gadget in store that will weather proof them.

Check out my facebook page for a gallery of shoes to choose from!

Angela Poplett Stylist.


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