Keep the kids busy this half-term with Indirock’s drop-off sessions!

February 13, 2024

Half-term has come around quickly this year, and with cloudy skies and cooler weather it can be tough to find activities to keep your children active, entertained and happy!

But did you know Indirock offer school holiday drop off sessions for children aged 6-13?

An Indirock instructor will supervise up to six young people in each session, so you get two hours to yourself. If you’re working why not take your laptop and pitch up in the Indirock Coffeeshop and treat yourself to a toastie and hot drink while your child enjoys themselves. We offer free WIFI, plenty of plug sockets and comfy seating.

The session also includes a squash break in the Coffeeshop and they’ll have a chance to work on their bouldering technique in a light touch way, with individualised tips and advice. If you haven’t experienced bouldering before, there are many benefits for the whole family, but especially young people. Here are just a few:

Social – Climbing is a non-competitive sport and climbing in a group brings a level of co- operation and mutual achievement not found in many other sports. This kind of co-operative activity has been found to improve and develop children’s communication, empathy, trust, and conflict resolution.

Physiological – The beauty of climbing is that it’s one of the few activities that can be considered a true full-body workout – from cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and dexterity to muscle strength and endurance.

Cognitive – Climbing is a physical activity but it’s a great mental workout too! At its core, rock- climbing is an exercise in problem solving. Beyond that, climbing has been found to bring a whole host of other cognitive benefits including memory, a reduction in stress, and even decreased symptoms of ADHD.

Sport by stealth – The above benefits of bouldering for kids are what makes it so attractive to parents and teachers alike, but they’re not why kids keep coming back for more. Bouldering is fun and very sociable! And best of all it doesn’t feel like a sport, which is why it is such a helpful activity for children (and adults) who might have an allergic reaction to physical activity!

If you’d like to book your children into the half-term drop-off sessions can you view the schedule and book here website

Happy climbing!


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