The Christmas Grinch is here!!!

October 19, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

Talk of Christmas has brought out The Grinch in Rob from Scott & Stapleton.... so what does he forecast for the propetyy market in the lead up to the big day and is there still time to move?

Can you believe it? The clocks have not even gone back yet and already, everyone seem’s to be talking about Christmas!?

It may be a touch of ‘bah humbug’, who know’s, but I have to admit that Christmas has not always been my favorite time of year. Did I just say that out loud? Whoops!!

The property market is renown for being quiet during the festive period and sitting in the office for 10 hour’s a day, twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the phone to ring, really is not my idea of fun.

This soon to be ‘quiet time of year’, usually see’s me eating my own body weight in mince pies and being invited for a ‘quick glass of mulled wine’ to a local business lunch event, which inevitably turns into all afternoon and night outing! Okay, so it’s not all bad I guess!

Aside from these social outing’s, it is of course a great time to catch up on paperwork, maintenance jobs and gear up with new marketing and advertising campaigns for the new year.

Do you get the impression im not a fan of this time of year about to set itself upon us??

Okay moan over..... because, for all the bah humbug in me, if you are looking to move before The Big Day, it's actually not too late!!! Just think, a new house before Christmas!!! But, I would encourage you to look at instructing your property (with Scott & Stapleton of course) sooner rather than later!

The market is incredibly buyout at the moment and properties are selling fast, but with just 10 weeks until the Big Day, realistically you’ll want to sell in the next few weeks to be in by Christmas.. yes it is possible!!!

To some, the upheaval of moving so close to Christmas with families does not bear thinking about! The logistics of moving in general coupled with decoration's, present's and other commitment's including the like's of school nativity plays and the numerous party invitations just makes the thought of moving well, nye on impossible. But it's not!

When I moved in to my first flat, I actually completed on the 23rd of December! At the time, all I had was a T.V, settee and bed and clearly I was going back to Mum’s 2 days later for my xmas dinner and to get my washing done! Now I have a family of my own however, I am definitely more 
sympathetic to people when they are chomping at the bit and screaming at me to try and move by end of November.

I do understand that I am in the minority moaning about Christmas (or perhap's that's just us men - who know's) and this year, I will try and embrace the whole Christmas Spirit thing a bit more!. Infact, my mood on this subject is better than previous years (believe it or not) as with a daughter msyelf of an age where she is starting to understand the magic AND with the fantastic new Scott & Stapleton being involved in Leigh Lights (detail's to come but it's going to be great), I can't but help a little joyful smile twitching away!.......

When it come's to property, the decision is your's. Bite the bullet and move now or drag it out for a good 6 weeks longer than it should do due to the closure of solicitors, banks etc over the Christmas period!.. it's up to you! 

One thing's for sure.. no matter where you call home this Christmas, as long as you've been good, Santa will still visit!

Ths article is by Rob at Scott & Stapleton
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