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August 1, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

Our little fishing town is known for its rich culture and artistic community, where painters rub shoulders with poets, comedians, musicians and creatives. From large events like the Leigh Art Trail, Village Green and Leigh Folk Festival to smaller exhibitions, meetings and shows, you won't miss a thing with our Events and Culture guide.

A full listing for YOUR social life of when and where to be seen, is here at Leigh-on-Sea.com; miss the event and miss out!

As a Client, if you’re interested in posting an event with us then please contact us directly on Joanna@leigh-on-sea.com.
Your first event listed with us is free and thereafter, variable, affordable packages are available! If you want an imme
diate reach to fill an event, then our Social Media packages reaching thousands of people instantly is the way forward.

All event listings for charities are free and unlimited.


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