Leigh-on-Sea features in Simon Bird’s ‘Days of the Bagnold Summer’

June 23, 2020

Days of the Bagnold Summer (directed by Simon Bird from The Inbetweeners) is an adaption of a comic of the same name. The story follows Daniel Bagnold, a metalhead teenager forced to stay with his mother for his 6 week holiday instead of his Father in Florida. Monica Dolan and Earl Cave star while Rob Brydon plays a supporting role.

It's a slow burning film about the relationship between the two characters. It’s also set around Leigh and Southend.

We’ve spotted a couple of places from the trailer but more observant Leighites might be able to find a few more.

  • 0:57 - The car park in Old Leigh by the cockle sheds
  • 1:12 - The end of the pier
  • 1:28 - An image of the Kursaal is in the window

You can stream the film from Amazon Prime Video.

Let us know if you've seen the it or recognised anywhere else!