Life after coronavirus: 10 things to look forward to

March 26, 2020 by Emily Mertens

Life might seem to have been put on hold at the moment, but it helps to stay positive and think about everything we can look forward to once this is over.

From spending time with loved ones to planning a celebratory holiday, which of the following are you most looking forward to?

If you have any other suggestions, comment down below.

Planning a holiday

With most of our upcoming holiday plans completely out of the window, we're already looking forward to planning our next getaway. Easyjet has even released its winter 20/21 flight schedule early, so you can start looking right away! For those with holidays planned, this is a great time to look into changing your dates - then you'll have something to get excited about once this is finally over.

Sports being back on TV

We all know somebody who is feeling quite lost without having any sport to watch. Coronavirus has caused most sporting activities to be stopped, with no football matches, horse racing or even snooker available for viewing. Most recently, the Olympics has been postponed. Until things get back to normal, it seems that a kick about in the garden is as good as we're going to get.

Going for drinks in Old Leigh

Who's now regretting every time they've ever turned down drinks down the pub? I know I am. Well, once this is over, you'll find me down Old Leigh at any given opportunity. Start getting excited for beer garden weather!

Spending time with grandparents

For everyone who couldn't spend Mother's Day with their parents or grandparents, we're certain you won't take family time for granted once isolation rules have been lifted! Take your nan to her favourite restaurant or go for family drinks down your local.

Local businesses reopening

After all of this, it'll be extra important to show our local businesses some love. Many small businesses have been ordered to close, causing a range of economic problems. So, once we can, make sure to spend a bit of extra time and money in local shops to help them get back on their feet. Why not start now? Instead of shopping in large supermarkets, head to your local corner shop.

Going to the gym

Never did I ever think I would miss the gym, but here we are. Who else is excited to get back on the treadmill once this all blows over? Home workouts just don't seem to be the same.

So many new films in the cinema

Cinemas are shut, meaning plenty of film releases have been delayed, the most popular being James Bond. We can't wait for the range of choice there will be after! And I'm craving a Tango Ice Blast already.

Theatre shows

Live shows, performances and theatres have had to postpone showings due to the outbreak. Southend Theatres has released a list of rescheduled shows - check if yours is on the list!

Supermarket shelves being full again

Empty supermarket shelves, long lines and shortages of pasta are just a few things we can't wait to see the back of. Who would've predicted that we'd be spending Easter on the hunt for actual eggs and not chocolate ones?

Enjoying the weather

Going for one walk or exercise a day or sitting in the garden seems to be the only way to enjoy the weather these days, but once we no longer need to isolate we can't wait to spend the summer enjoying the weather from wherever we wish.