2019's most expensive houses in Leigh

March 6, 2020 by Leigh-on-sea.com

Back in February, we revealed the roads in Leigh-on-Sea with the most expensive houses in 2019. We've now taken a closer look at where the most expensive houses are and we've broken them down into detached, semi-detached, terraced and flats.

Leigh on Sea's most expensive detached houses

The detached houses, as you would expect, are dominated by the Marine Estate with roads including Burnham Road, Marine Parade, Berkeley Gardens, Crescent Road and Dynevor Gardens. The Marine Estate is particularly desirable due to it's easy access to London via a skip down the hill to Leigh on Sea train station and due to it being in the catchment of West Leigh schools.

There are also 2 entries in the prominent Eastwood Road on the way to what used to be the Old Vienna and 2 of the top 3 are located in the quiet and peaceful Warren Road backing on to the Belfairs Wood Nature Reserve.

The 2019 list of most expensive detached houses is as follows:

  1. Warren Road £1,610,000
  2. Marine Parade £1,400,000
  3. Warren Road £1,355,000
  4. Burnham Road £1,095,000
  5. Berkeley Gardens £1,050,000
  6. Eastwood Road £1,000,000
  7. Crescent Road £970,000
  8. Cliff Parade £965,000
  9. Dynevor Gardens £908,000
  10. Eastwood Road £907,500

Leigh on Sea's most expensive semi detached houses

The most expensive semi-detached houses were again dominated by the Marine Estate with only one property, in Queens Avenue, outside of the area.

  1. Somerville Gardens £780,000
  2. Western Road £780,000
  3. Hamboro Gardens £770,000
  4. Thames Drive £765,000
  5. Hamboro Gardens £750,000
  6. Queens Avenue £710,000
  7. Western Road £705,000
  8. Medway Crescent £700,000
  9. Thames Drive £690,000
  10. Quorn Gardens £687,000

Leigh on Sea's most expensive terraced houses

When people think of Leigh we mostly think of the roads around the Broadway and Leigh Road with their straight lines, rows of terraced houses and little secret nooks and crannies that reveal the history of our town. It is generally considered that it is these beautiful roads that give Leigh on Sea its special character, something of which the town is very proud of, and rightly so.

  1. Leigh Cliff Road £600,000
  2. Green Court £585,000
  3. Western Road £570,000
  4. Lymington Avenue £557,500
  5. Alexandra Road £545,000
  6. Marine Avenue £540,000
  7. Crescent Road £530,000
  8. Seaview Road £525,000
  9. Dundonald Drive £520,000
  10. Westleigh Avenue £517,000

Part of the Bell Sands development in Leigh on Sea

Leigh on Sea's most expensive flats and apartments

Included in this list of the most expensive flats and apartments is Eden Point, a captivating and contemporary development in the heart of Leigh-on-Sea. With every flat boasting a modern kitchen designed by Kube Kitchens, these apartments are perfect for luxury living in Leigh. There are also 2 apartments in the Old Leigh Bell Sands development overlooking the Estuary.

  1. Eden Point £1,275,000
  2. Bell Sands £750,000
  3. Eden Point £637,50
  4. Bell Sands £560,000
  5. Marine Parade £490,000
  6. Broadway £480,000
  7. Bell Sands £465,000
  8. London Road £450,000
  9. Elmsleigh Drive £400,000
  10. London Road £375,000


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