My LOS: Tracy Wise

October 29, 2020

LOS Talks with Local Magician and Entertainer Tracy Wise about magic and her up and coming events at the Royal Hotel.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a local magician/storyteller creating unique shows based around crime scene investigation and the bizarre and supernatural.

Where did your love of magic come from?

My love of magic developed around 2002 when I saw Derren Brown's TV show 'Trick of the Mind.' It was a different type of magic and the storytelling aspect really appealed to me.

Are people surprised to see a female magician?

Yes. Which surprises me still. I've had comments like 'you don't look like a magician!'. (what does a magician look like?) to 'are you the assistant.' Sadly women are still underrepresented within magic and we are in the majority. I'm really keen to do what I can to influence this. There are many young girls who are interested in magic but are not often encouraged in the same way boys are.

I hear that learning magic is good for stress management, can you tell us a little bit more about this?

The type if magic I perform involves many skills that can help manage stress and anxiety. Storytelling, presentation skills, social interaction (even with the current restrictions), memory recall can all help people of all ages develop confidence, build self-esteem, improve communication skills and identify their own personalities in a positive and nurturing way. It may even be able to help with some areas of cognitive decline.

Tell us about your up and coming events?

On Halloween 'Tales from the Shadows' returns to the Royal Hotel in Southend. An hour of chilling tales of mystery and murder laced with magic to create an interactive evening of chills and thrills. Tickets are selling fast so come along and join us if you dare. Age 18+ and not for those of a nervous disposition.

On 19th November we will be presenting Crime Scene Illusion. An exploration of crime scene investigation through storytelling and magic and aspects of forensic psychology and science. This show debuted at the Brighton Fringe in 2019 and received 4 star reviews. Suitable for ages 14+. A show where Magic can be Murder.

What has been the highlight of your magic career?

Highlights of my magic career include gaining entry to The Magic Circle and the British Society of Mystery Entertainers, presenting talks on magic and Wellbeing to healthcare professionals and supporting The Taxi Drivers Charity Fund for Children with their events in London and Southend.. In the last tear my colleague, Adrian Fox and I have launched the popular walking tour 'Mystery On Sea', exploring the history, mystery and magic.'

Why do you like living in essex?

What's not to like. We have so much history and mystery. Beautiful countryside and coastal sites, great wildlife and so much more. Its been my home for 14 years now and I'm still discovering new places and stories.


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