My LoS: Nicola Sutcliffe

October 1, 2020

We've had a chance to speak with Nicola from Three's Company and to hear about the new hampers that they're planning.

Tell us about Three's Company, your fab business in Leigh Road

Thank you very much for your interest.

Three's Company is a family run business which I operate on a day-to-day business with my daughter Charlotte. Pre-Covid we were a cafe and my future son-in-law was also part of the team - hence the three of us forming Three's Company. Due to the covid restrictions we decided to take the business forward in a new direction, selling gifts and hampers, kitchenware and homeware. I am pleased to say that we are doing well and enjoying meeting lots of new customers. I am also very pleased to say that the third member of our team is now very happy as a trainee Greenkeeper.

We make bespoke, personalised hampers which can be tailored to suit individual tastes. These can be anything from chocolate, tea or coffee, sweet and savoury or even gardeners hampers with a range of food products and gifts. We also offer a gift-wrapping service.

We are open 7 days a week until Christmas opening from 9.30 until 5pm most days, except Wednesdays when we close at 2pm and Sunday we close at 3pm.

We are happy to take bulk orders for gifts and hampers and post these out for you.

Are you putting together a Christmas hamper?

We are indeed making delightful Christmas hampers, filled with Christmas pudding and brandy butter, Christmas conserves, mincemeat, cranberry sauce with Cointreau, chocolates, and much much more. You can decide how much you want to spend, and we will make your hamper accordingly.

We sell bath bomb advent calendars and wax melt calendars. We have some ' Treat for Santa ' gifts. We have Herbert and Ward finest Tea and Coffee gift baskets. We have whitewash wicker tabletop Christmas trees and star and angel hanging decorations. All our gifts and hampers can be made to order with Christmas bows and handmade Christmas cards. These can also be personalised and made to order.

Do you have a favourite restaurant in Leigh or are you a home cook?

I love to eat out and particularly enjoy pizza at La SIrena. I have celebrated Christmas at Damak in previous years and had an amazing time as I love Turkish food. I have also enjoyed many evenings at Thamesbreeze. Equally, I love to cook and have recently been experimenting with vegetarian dishes which I have found very tasty.

If you could improve one thing about Leigh what would it be?

It has to be the parking. That is a shared frustration as I understand from online chat groups. Sadly the houses and roads weren't designed to accommodate so many cars.

If you could say thank you to another business in Leigh who would it be and why?

I have a few businesses in Leigh to thank since opening last December. Boni-Vee supplied me with all the paint and DIY tools I needed to refurbish the shop. We were able to get all the lovely shades of blue and teal that are our signature colours. Millys Deli supplied us with delicious toasted sandwiches whilst we were working and had no kitchen, and Tea and Tiffin make the best fish finger sandwiches ! Ru's Bubble waffles make the most delicious waffles with my favourite flavours of ice cream. And finally, my lovely neighbours at made@94 have been extremely supportive and keep me sane !! Thanks to as well for all their valuable marketing information and for setting me up on their online shop.

I am so so lucky to have so many amazing shops in the close vicinity to 96 Leigh Road.


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