Not Already!

November 7, 2016 by Rob Kahl

It is that time of the year again! Well I don’t think it is but according to everyone else in my office the Christmas build up starts in November, basically the day after Firework Night!

Leigh Town Council have to take some of the blame for this extended build up organising the Christmas Precession on Friday 25th November. As you can tell I am really looking forward to it and full of the seasons spirits!

Seriously though, the Leigh Christmas Precession has turned in to a huge event and is always extremely well supported by the local residents and businesses alike. I am sure this year will be no exception and will be a popular as ever. There will undoubtedly be throngs of people lining the streets with the usual attractions as well as the precession such as choirs singing carols and the like, loads of food and drink stalls, a carnival area with various rides and Christmas lights lining the route.

As ever here at Scott & Stapleton & it is a low key event (yeah right). It will be standing room only as we open our doors to the public to celebrate a fantastic evening. We will have lots for people to see and do including plenty of mince pies and mulled wine for the Mum’s and Dad’s, children’s entertainer Party with Sid, Elsa from Frozen, music, craft stall, photographer and we are even trying to influence the weather to make sure it will be snowing.

The main attraction though will be a visit from the big man himself. That is only if my daughter is better behaved? I am already using the threat of Father Christmas not visiting to try and get her to do as she is told so if he doesn’t make an appearance you know who to blame.

Hopefully she will be good and he will turn up in plenty of time ready to accept the queues of children who creep into the Grotto and react in one of 3 ways.

They either speed talk at him, telling him the thousand things they want for Christmas always in finite detail telling Santa that they must have the specific Princess Sophia doll or they want or the football kit with the payers name that they simply must have. The other reaction is to completely freeze. This is a particular favourite of the parents who have been queuing for hours only for the child not to utter a single word or sound. It could be worse though as the last reaction is the meltdown and freak out. Children who have been happily waiting in the queue telling their parents how excited they are and what they are going to ask Father Christmas peek around the curtain in to the Grotto only to burst in to tears. These make for some of the best photos as the parents try to force their little cherubs to sit next to this strange man, dressed in red with a huge white beard, no wonder they howl the place down.

I am sure that it will be as busy and as much fun as it has always been and everybody is invited to join us on Friday 25/11 from 4pm. All we will ask is for a charitable contribution of around £4 and to help us clean up afterwards (joking about the last bit).

P.S Please do not be alarmed if you come in to the office in November and think you have been transported to the 1970’s. Anthony & Myself are supporting mens health charities by taking part in Movember again and sporting impressive moustaches for the month. Normal service will resume in December.