Our 5 minutes with Melinda Giles

February 27, 2019 by Leigh-on-sea.com

1. Lets introduce you with your vital stats. What’s your name and what local business do you own?
My name is Melinda Giles and I am one of the owners of Giles Wilson Solicitors

2. Can you tell us a bit more about Giles Wilson. Where can we find you and what areas of law do you cover?

We have two offices in Leigh – one is in Leigh Broadway and one is up at Thames Drive.  GW covers all areas of law that the average person may need at any time in their life, from buying their first place, to a divorce, to small business advice, to making a will, to inheritance tax and end of life planning.

3. What have you found is key to running a successful business in leigh-on-sea?
In my opinion, the key is personal service, knowing your clients. The majority of our clients have been recommended by existing clients and family members.

4. What made you decide on a career in law? 

I don’t remember deciding on a career in law! I like to think that the law decided on me – I literally started a job in an office but grew to love working in the law.

5. So, a little more about the little town that we all love… Where is your favourite place in leigh-on-sea? Are you more of a broadway soul or an old town soul?

I think that my favourite place in Leigh is Old Leigh in the winter time when there are no tourists and you can walk along the tow path and sit outside The Billet all wrapped up having a drink and some fish.

7. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why
Somewhere with sunshine and the beach, good coffee, great company and a vibrant business community – that sounds just like Leigh on sea after all…(maybe not the sunshine all the time, but today the sun is shining)

8. Can you tell us your favourite memory you hold in Leigh-on-sea?
My children used to love to jump off Bell wharf. In the summer, obviously.

9. Do you have a favourite bar or restaurant you go to in the town and if so, which one is it and why?
Many of our clients own or run bars and restaurants in Leigh and so I couldn’t possibly pick between them.

11. When did you last do a handstand?
I can’t remember, but I did do a headstand recently in our Giles Wilson after hours yoga class!

12. Finally,  there any immediate exciting plans in the pipeline for Giles Wilson that you would like to share with our leigh-on-sea.com readers? 
Our plans are always to strive to improve to the best that we can be, to adapt to changing times and technologies whilst also meeting the needs of our older and more traditional clients.

For legal advice please call 01702 477 106 or visit one of Giles Wilson's offices: 1711 London Road Leigh, 54 Leigh Broadway, 5 Roche Close Rochford  

Website: www.gileswilson.co.uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GilesWilsonLLP
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GilesWilsonSolicitors/