It's all about THE cuban or stacked heel this winter!

October 18, 2014 by Angie Poplett - Personal Stylist

This week it's all about this season's must have foot wear; ankle boots!

Whatever you're wearing this winter, ankle boots will be an instant hit and a great fashion update. You can wear them with your skinny jeans, shorts and tight's combo or with your dresses.

I am seeing a lot of people still wearing knee high boots; yes they're comfy and are still a little cool (to an extent), but in the fashion world, these are actually quite dated and can look a bit "old ladyish".

So, let's get back to those ankle boots!  

How do you choose your boots? Firstly, which is always key I think in a more costly purchase, think about how long you are likely to wear them? if you buy a good quality pair then they'll last you years and fashion isn't as fickle as you think (no matter what I said about knee high boot's).

Buying an item of clothing or footwear at the beginning of the trend should see you have it for quite a few years, maybe 4 to 5 winter's , so in my opinion, a good quality, perhaps slighty more expensive item will be a good investment.  

Back to boot's....... think about the style you want to go for. Something that can be dressed up or down and that can take you effortlessly through from day to night is best in my opinion! So, when you're looking lovingly at those killer heeled boot's, be realistic about whether you could actually wear them all day long too!

The shape of the heel is key! Trend wise, do go for a Cuban style or stacked heel... Something a little chunky that will support you. And as for the shape of the actual boot, go for something that isn't too square or an elongated point, again by finding that middle ground you'll be able to wear them for anything.

Of course, that all said, there is one final could buy two pairs to cover evening and day time!!! Possibly my favourite option.....!!!

Here are a few suggestions of what's available at the moment:

All Saints Saris boots, not the cheapest but gorgeous.

Jones the boot-maker nano boot is a lot cheaper

Finally, Office have this unusual quirkier boot.


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