Plans to redraw Southend West and Castle Point constituencies announced

July 15, 2021

Above: The proposed map for the Southend West Constituency. Click here and here to see the maps for Southend and Castle Point

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) has released its plans for changing constituency boundaries in 2023. This is of interest to some of our readers living in West Leigh who will, if the plans are acted on, move from Southend West to the Castle Point constituency.

While the constituency boundaries are changing, the ward boundaries are staying the same and anyone living in the West Leigh ward will stay there. Wards are represented by councillors while constituencies are represented by MPs so residents moving to the Castle Point constituency will be represented by the same councillors but have a different MP (in this case, Rebecca Harris instead of David Amess).

According the BCE, changes to constituencies are made so that the number of people living in a region of the country is proportional to the number of seats they have in parliament. Constituency borders are usually the same as ward borders but do change on occasion.

Leigh council are currently discussing these changes and the public can comment on proceedings on this page.


Outside of Leigh, the electoral map of the country will change as follows:

  • Scotland: 57 (-2 seats)
  • Wales: 32 (-8 seats)
  • Northern Ireland: 18 (no change)
  • North West: 73 (-2)
  • North East: 27 (-2)
  • Yorkshire and the Humber: 54 (no change)
  • West Midlands: 57 (-2)
  • East Midlands: 47 (+1)
  • East of England: 61 (+3)
  • South West: 58 (+3)
  • South East: 91 (+7)
  • London: 75 (+2)

Click here for the proposed map of Castle Point.

And here for the map of Southend West.

For more information, click here to go to the BCE website.


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