Rob's Rant

June 15, 2017 by Rob Kahl

I don’t often get a chance to vent and it is even mire rare that people listen but sometimes I just have to get something off of my chest. You are probably bored of me about banging on about how brilliant Leigh on Sea is and all of the fabulous reasons why people chose to live, work and visit here. Don’t worry I haven’t changed my mind, normal service will resume but sometimes things happen to tarnish our fantastic town and it really upsets me (I was going to say something stronger but thought better of it).

I have used my blog before to highlight problems such as cars speeding through the busy Broadway or the number of flats being built that could change the character of our town but a photo that I was shown on Facebook (still not on there) of Leigh Old Town after the last bank holiday weekend really got my goat.

It was on the shore line after the hot weekend where people had obviously been sitting on the sea wall drinking and enjoying themselves (that’s fine by the way) but the litter that was strewn on the beach afterwards was truly disgusting. It looked like the aftermath of a music festival or riot even. It was a photo that would definitely not be used in any tourist information or glossy property brochures trying to promote the town.

This mess was cleaned up by the brilliant local scouts and sea scouts. That made me a bit more proud of my town but surely we don’t send our children to these groups and clubs to clear up other peoples litter and rubbish? I would hope that they get sent to learn new skills and have fun with their friends rather than tidy up after morons.

That is the thing, what sort of idiot does it take to think that it is acceptable to throw their empty beer bottle off of the seawall on to the beach? And I can hear you all now saying it must have been people visiting the town from outside of the area and this may well be the case but we should be standing up to these people that think it is OK to sully our town or at the very least provide them with 1’000s of bins to encourage them to use them. It is obviously impossible for these people to walk 2 paces to put their rubbish in a bin?

It is not just the Old Town where litter is becoming a problem. The Broadway after a busy Friday or Saturday night can look like a rowdy football crowd has previously passed through and even other picturesque places have their share of problems. We went out recently to the brilliant Belfairs Woodland Centre and play area which on a sunny afternoon is a real oasis of peace and calm. In the defence of people they have at least tried to use the rubbish bins but it was obvious that they needed emptying and were overflowing (another story about our local services) so people with rubbish saw fit to throw their bits in the general direction of the bin until it was just a pile of festering filth. Is it too much to ask to take your rubbish home with you if you cant find anywhere to put it?

Right, that’s it I feel a bit better now, and relax…. I really don’t like getting down on our town and I will always shout the virtues of Leigh from the rooftops but when I see things that tarnish this excellent little village it really gets to me. Especially when it is something as simple as putting rubbish in the bin, something so easily avoidable that can have an extremely big impact if we let it slide and just expect someone else to take responsibility.

Art Trail

On a much more positive note this weekend saw the end of the Leigh Art Trail. This year unbelievably was the 20th anniversary and promised to be the biggest and best yet. It certainly hasn’t disappointed and we have seen a huge number of people visit our office taking part. We were delighted to welcome back Natasha Kambrova with here oils on canvas. She certainly took advantage of our gallery like office with a display bigger and better than we have seen in previous years and it has certainly been a hit with admirers and purchasers alike. I have managed to escape the office and take in some of the artwork and was particularly taken by sculpture street in West Street on the open weekend of the trail. The road was closed to traffic while residents displayed ices in their front gardens and people were able to mill around at their leisure to take it all in.

The bar has been set very high now for future art trails and it really seems like the start of the summer season with the Folk Festival next on the agenda. I will definitely being taking in some of the musical acts and may even partake in the odd beer but I promise I will take my bottle or plastic glass home with me don't get me started again….!

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