Roots Hall creator Sid Broomfield dies

March 5, 2019 by

The man who made Southend United's Roots Hall home has sadly died at the age of 94.

Sid Broomfield of Eastwood, along with a small team of helpers commenced work on the football stadium im Victoria Avenue in 1953 after the Southend United's Suporters Club purchased the site in 1952 for a sum of £11,258. 

It took Mr Broomfield and his colleagues nearly three years alone for them to terrace the old South Bank which went onto hold 16,000 fans as everything was done with shovels. 

The grand opening of Roots Halls took place on August 20, 1955 in front of approximately 18,000 fans. 

Mr Broomfield continued to work on the grounds well into the 1960's finishing off other parts of the stadium and stayed on at the club as their groundmans for many years to follow. 

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