Simone - Women in Business in Leigh-on-Sea

August 21, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

Who is Simone Giles, co-partner of the rather fabulous and newly launched Scott & Stapleton?

For starters, she's highly experienced, with over 25 years in the Estate Agency business, beginning her career in surveying before moving into the corporate estate agency sector.

In the early 1990s Simone decided to focus her career by working in local and independent estate agencies, joining Scott & Stapleton in 1999.

Simone believes such agencies enjoy more freedom and therefore, deliver a superior service to their customers, as they can be more flexible and creative.

With an intuitive understanding of what the customer wants and the vision and focus to deliver it, Simone quickly rose through the ranks and is now a proud partner in a truly flourishing and exciting agency, all set to shake up the local market and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Simone is a proud advocate of Leigh-on-Sea, having lived and worked here all her life. This passion for the local area is translated into her everyday decisions, from recruiting only local talent to sponsoring local initiatives, such as the Leigh Maritime Festival.

Her abundant drive is also channelled into supporting local community groups, offering office space, financial support and her time. With the support of her partner, family and friends, Simone has made the sometimes tricky task of juggling a career and family all the more manageable. She’s also making her mark in what was once perceived to be a male-dominated industry.

And she would say she's only just getting started...


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