You can now travel to and from Tower Hill via Southend airport shuttle bus

February 5, 2020 by Emily Mertens

The Southend airport shuttle service, Jetlink X1, transports passengers to and from Southend airport during the early hours of the morning and has recently added Tower Hill as one of the stop-offs.

The service currently offers two departures, one from the airport at 23:40pm, and one from London Victoria to the airport at 03:00am.

Perfect for those looking for an easy way to travel to or from London to Southend airport, the service has now added Tower Hill as a stop alongside Embankment, Canning Town and Lakeside. 

The new timings are as follows:

- London Victoria, Grosvenor Gardens (Stop 10A) Departs 03:00
- Embankment Station (Stop 40B) - Departs 03:10
- Tower Hill (Stop TB) - Departs 03:18
- Canning Town Station (Stop A) - Departs 03:33
- Lakeside Bus Station (Bay P) - Arrive 03:45, Departs 04:00
- Southend Airport - Arrives 04:35

- Southend Airport - Departs 23:40
- Lakeside Bus Station (Bay N) - Departs 00:25
- Canning Town Station (Stop A) - Departs 00:45
- Tower Hill (Stop TA) - Departs 00:55
- Embankment Station - Departs 01:00
- London Victoria - Arrives 01:05

Tickets are single fare only, valid for one-way transport in your chosen direction. They can be purchased online or on the bus in cash or by contactless. Prices start from £6 and can be purchased at

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