Global company in Leigh is hiring !!!

September 7, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

In 1997, Leigh-on-Sea residents Steve Cox and Phil Parry, a trained barrister and shipping lawyer respectively, realised there was no recruitment agency specifically for the shipping industry.

From a back bedroom in the SS9 postcode, Steve and Phil set up Spinnaker Consulting, printing out leaflets and getting the train up to London every day to hand them out at Tube stations. Before long, they had their first clients and the first UK-based shipping jobseekers were looking to Spinnaker to help them find a new role.

17 years later and Spinnaker is in its third office, just near Thames Drive, with over 45 staff. The business is now very much global, recruiting for clients in major shipping areas from Houston and Dubai to Singapore, Africa and of course, London.

The recruitment company is buzzing with activity as the shipping industry enjoys a very buoyant market - and Spinnaker is seeking new staff to help with the busy times ahead.

The Graduate Trainee Scheme was launched in 2011, and has seen fifteen graduates work their way up to becoming qualified Recruitment Consultants. The process takes less than 18 months, and is an excellent way of bright graduates starting their career in a busy but rewarding environment.

Spinnaker trains all staff fully in both the recruitment and shipping industries, making each member of the team an expert within this specialist - and truly fascinating field.

If you'd like to apply for a place on the trainee programme, which offers a competitive salary, commission scheme and opportunities for international travel as your career progresses, email Amy Travell at or visit


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