An established company with a new beginning! 

September 8, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

With their quirky, new age, retro office, its hard to believe that a company with this vision, have kept themselves tucked away from the main stretch of Leigh Broadway for so long!

Established way back (sorry Tim) in the ra ra skirt 80's, Scott and Stapleton Property Specialists was originally set up by Tim Scott and Partner, offering a personal and professional service, as part of what is still currently known as the 'Team Group'. 

Over the the years, Scott and Stapleton continued to grow and envolve into one of Leigh's Leading Estate Agents and it was in June of this year, that suddenly, to the shock of many, they suddenly moved away from Team and then closed their doors!

Genius.... because with hot gossip circulating of their departure, just a few days later, this established business opened up its uber cool, vintage offices at XX Broadway! Open brick walls and wingback chairs compliment  clear white furniture lines and state of the art Apple technology. The massive open space is light, airy and clean, and whilst some of it is of course used for the all important technology element of running a business, the rest is a welcome open community space offering coffee and wifi for members of the public.

If you would like to have a chat to establish your property potential, please pop into Scott & Stapletons offices at 42 Broadway or call on 01702 47 11 55 


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