Spring has sprung

March 13, 2017 by Rob Kahl @ Scott & Stapleton

This last week has seen a dramatic turn in the weather. It seems that Spring is upon us finally.  After what seems a long, cold and wet winter it is lovely to finally see the sun again.

This weekend just gone saw the Broadway heaving with people, the cafes and bars were full up with people sitting outside and of course, the sports cars speeding up and down (that’s another story!).

I showed a variety of different properties to potential purchasers over the weekend. It makes such a difference with the sun streaming in and being able to walk into the garden. I even saw a seafront apartment where the couple living there were having lunch on the balcony overlooking the estuary. I did get offered a glass of wine but I was very professional and resisted.......just.

Now though, it means that vendors and landlords have to think about the outsides of their properties to attract potential purchasers or tenants. I must admit that I haven’t been out in my garden for what seems like months and it certainly is starting to look like it needs some attention. Everything is suddenly springing up and growing fast. If you are selling or renting a property in the winter months you don’t have to worry too much about the garden. Potential purchasers or tenants don’t expect the garden to be looking at its best and often people don’t even venture into the garden before making a decision on whether to buy or rent. Now though, it is noticeably different.

Showing a couple around a property recently they walked straight through what was a very large kitchen/family room and out into the back garden. If your garden is really neat with the lawn cut well and the flower beds tidy it might just mean that your house stands out from the one where the vendors have not had a chance yet to get out there and tackle it. The same goes for the front gardens. It is very common for people to drive past a property to look at it from the outside before they book an appointment to view inside. Obviously this is your chance to make that good first impression; clear up all of those old leaves or litter that has blown in, cut the front grass neatly and even give the front door a lick of paint if it has weathered badly over the winter. This will give the impression that the whole house is cared for and will start any viewing on a positive note from the offing.

This all might seem like common sense but if you haven’t used the garden for a few months and like me, walk out of the front door, get in your car and go to work without really thinking too much about the front garden. Stop and give it a little bit of thought. Do the gardens really show off the property to its best potential is there anything more you can do. Tidying the garden and mowing the lawn well is a quick and inexpensive way to make a very good impression.

On another note about the weather changing it is making my marathon training a tiny bit more bearable. Gone are the days where I have had to wear gloves, hats, coats and my very attractive running tights. It is now just T-shirt and shorts. In general, training is going OK.

For those who missed my update the other week, I was invited by Little Havens to join them in a training run. It was 18 miles from Little Havens, around the houses a bit but basically to the Pier and back. It was a couple of weeks ago when the wind was howling and the rain was coming in sideways. I had a bit of a problem with chafing but trust me you don’t want me to go in to that in any more detail!

Anyway, now there is only 6 weeks to go until I can get my weekends back. I think I am going to have a ceremonial burring in the garden of all of my stinky training gear and maybe a beer or 5!

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