Strand Wharf Refurbishment

August 14, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

Strand Wharf Presentation

It is a scheme to create an attractive and usable public space which reflects the heritage of the area.

The Wharf will be levelled and paved in sympathetic materials which will show the outline of the buildings which once stood on this site as though we were seeing the original foundations peeping through the new paving and reminding us of just how different life was here in previous centuries.

Seating will be handcrafted using natural wood, brick and stone, and signage and an open air classroom area will inform about the past and how this Wharf still forms a focal part of a working village.

Plans and a presentation can be found this Sunday 17th August between 12 - 3pm at Strand Wharf

Low level, unobtrusive, soft lighting will respect the amenity of local residents and give an impression of moonlight, leaving the night sky to continue as an attraction in its own right.

The needs of all have been considered; the surface will be smooth and easy to walk on as well as easy for buggy and wheel chair use and the open-air classroom will provide a safe area for children and schools. Planters will hold natural wild grasses from the area, which can be touched and smelled. Benches with backs will be provided for comfort as well as unbacked benches for easy viewing of events and the scenery.


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