South Hill Designs - local entrepreneur

August 15, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

Sarah Ridge is a true entrepreneur. As a mum of two, Sarah has always lived in Leigh-on-Sea, and loves being a part of the artistic community, but wanted to explore being self-employed to find true balance in her life. Since having children, Sarah found it difficult to get back into the workplace now that her priorities had shifted.

She wanted to be able to juggle a career and a family, and prove that it wasn’t impossible – and in fact, it was a lot more achievable than she thought.

While searching online she discovered South Hill Designs, an American jewellery company, and was drawn to their unique products.

Sarah knew there wasn’t anything quite like it in the UK, so had an idea… Sarah set up her own business sharing the jewellery with UK audiences, and business is thriving.

People are clamouring for the lockets, charms, chains and earrings, and Sarah can work as flexibly as she likes. She feels positive about the future and what it can bring, and can both run a business from home as well as being 100% there for Rosie, 9, and Oliver, 6. If you’d like to know more about Sarah’s business, visit


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