Can it ever be too early for a wreath?

October 11, 2014 by Scott Waldron

Can it ever be too early for a wreath? - The latest article from our interior design specialist Scott Waldron

Becoming ever so drenched this week taking a stroll from Clifftown to Chalkwell , I do feel that summer may have left us to brighten someone else's shores...

Yes , Autumn is here and all that it brings with it. Forget the cold damp days, as soon as I see those leaves start to fall I can already feel myself thinking what I can change around my home to welcome in the new season. Such an array of amazing colours at this time of year - burnt orange and tan, faded hues of green all lit beautifully by the bright crisp sun of Autumn; sounds like a new room design ?!

Having a quick change around at home can be the the tonic that we need to push us into the new season, so I figured i'd share some tips with you...

1. Look at your furniture placement - see if there is anyway to try the furniture in a different plan to create a new feel. This could be the living room for instance. Creating 'conversational' areas such as grouping sofas/chairs around a fireplace . create living areas within living areas.

2. Take all your accessories into 1 room - say kitchen, then look at what you have and re use into different rooms - this creates new looks that you may not have had before... rather than just leaving the same vase in the same place season after season.

3. Consider swapping the lighter summer curtains for a heavier fabric such as velvets or lined linens in deeper tones. This will add warmth to the room whilst also bringing in another colour that wasn't there in the summer.

4. Layering - adding throws and extra cushions to seating areas / beds is a sure fire way to get some cosy-ness into those rooms... velvets , wool & plush deep pile fabrics add the luxury feel to any home - go for contrast colour if you want the eclectic look or stick to the same hue in different knits and weaves for a simpler approach.

5. Go the whole hog and get out the paintbrush ! if you are up for this , this is a great way to create a new space to see you right through the coming months - that can be dressed into autumn and right through winter . Deeper tones form company's such as Farrow & Ball can really change the entire space for not alot , if you are willing to get out the brush !

6. Lighting is key also at this time of year , so making sure you have all your bases covered is a great way to add atmosphere to any home . Light the fire , use your dimmers , lamps , and crack open that Jo Malone candle you have been saving . I love the autumn fragrance you can get from candles and how they can change the atmosphere of the home.

So i'm hoping to see you all hunting out paint and throws down the broadway!

And one more thing, if you live in a place like me, where it seems the falling leaves just keep on falling... don't always sweep them up, pick some up and use them, a cardboard disc and a glue gun and you'll be away - trust me! After all its never too early for an Autumnal wreath!!

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