The Passionate Gardener - A Poinsettia is not just for Christmas or is it?

December 22, 2014 by Marcelle Baum of Living Decor

A Poinsettia is not just for Christmas or is it?

The Festive Season is in full swing; visitors and visiting and how to make an entrance....

Bring a Poinsettia, they are native to Mexico, and although tropical they like to be regularly “misted” to help retain moisture in their leaves. Furthermore, warmth is a must - but do not confuse warmth with the need to soak the roots as doing this will only kill them from the bottom up. Although we are told there are many ways to try and keep them until next year they are a little time consuming, why not just be a little frivolous, and keep it until the colours fade, probably about May or June and they then become a green plant, still with the same spreading habit.

It is also advised that caution is to be taken when a branch or leaf is broken off, it will leave a milky white substance from the inside and this is toxic, so ensure that it is not get near babies or animals. This comes from the group of plants called Euphorbia, a popular garden plant in the UK.

Check regularly for insects or mealy bug and, if too bad then just discard. Remember to also mist your Christmas trees while the lights are disconnected, to prevent harming yourself or blowing up your home, to extend their wonderful smell at this time.

We must remember that even if you don't like your drink at a party or in the pub don't throw the remnants into the plant pot. They also get hangovers, but it will kill them.

Meanwhile we would like to Wish You All a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

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