The Railway Pub hits target!

February 18, 2019 by

A £10,000 fundraiser that was launched just 12 days ago to save The Railway Pub in Southend has reached it's target.

Owners Fi and Dave Dulake who have owned the pub since 2007, made the shock announcement late last year to put the much loved venue on the market. 

The pub has been a popular venue, especially for budding musicians over the last 11 years and they continue to showcase some of the best bands in town. 

Fi & Dave were keen to keep the venue on and a £10,000 fundraiser was launched to help them save it just 12 days ago. With thanks to the generousity of the public, they have now reached it!

They took to Instagram yesterday to announce the success and pass on their gratitude to everyone that had donated. 

In their words... "Here's to many years of The Railway Hotel! Chin Chin xx" 


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