The Wedding Singer

August 16, 2017 by Michael Shelley

Walking in to this show I was actually unaware that there was a 1998 Adam Sandler film that this was based on. I was also unaware that it was set in 1985.

Wow. Talk about going in blind and talk about how I was brutally cut down (and put in my place) by some old friends I bumped in to at half time.

From the very outset the theme was set with some clips on the big 'Back to the Future' type screen of some classic '85 films. I was 18 then so it all came flooding back; Rambo (part II of course), Weird Science (a teenage boys classic) and the irrevocable Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. The big screen incidentally was also used very cleverly for 80's type outtakes during the production.

The first half was a mish-mash of wedding themed song and dance mixed in with the money grabbing Wall Street bad boy Glen played by Ray Quinn. It turns out Ray Quinn is quite the heart throb as I found out at the interval - even with gelled back hair and 80's braces. The Prince of Wales double-breasted suit was thrown out years ago but I swear I still have one of those ties in my wardrobe.

There are so many ex-X-Factor celebrities in this cast but it is a world and a half away from the four yes votes they all received.

Cleverly witty in places and plain silly in others it wasn't until the second half that I started to 'get it' and join in with the fun. I don't think the storyline is too hard to guess with it's 'will they won't they' theme (we always know they will) but it builds up in to a crazy crescendo and I am actually finding myself tapping my feet in the aisle to the ridiculously addictive 80's beats.

There are 80's references aplenty including an array of 80's impersonators (Billy Idols white wedding reference very witty) along with a cracking music line, fabulously choreographed dance routines and I am still in awe at the quality of the voices.

The Wedding Singer is showing the 15/16/17 August at the Cliffs Pavilion and even if you are a novice like me it's very worth the entrance fee and is sure to entertain the nostalgia of the 80's in you whether you were there or not.

The reviewer Michael Shelley doesn't generally like the theatre or musicals but sometimes goes along with his wife of 20 years on dates.