Tin Design

January 25, 2019 by Annika Mullane

Tucked away in the heart of the Broadway lies the enthralling Tardis that is Tin Design, a miniature emporium of eclectic homeware; flamboyantly, feathered lighting; ornate wallpaper; mesmerising, multicoloured wall art; magnificently, extravagant furniture and local, artisan pieces.

3 years ago the owner, Trudy, began her online store through instagram after discovering a keen eye for interior design and love of eclectic mixes of styles, old and new. Instagram has made a huge impact on the shop with constant inspiration, posting and following, hunting out bargains and finding trends. Because of Trudy’s activity on Instagram, many of her customers have come from far and wide to experience her unique, independent, collection.

After her home being overtaken with products, Trudy decided to open the shop in April 2018. Tin Design hosts a huge array of beautifully adorned products tucked into a tiny shop. The products are sourced from a plethora of unique instagram designers, Top Drawer exhibition and local independent artists and designers with an overriding rule that more is more.

Her main inspiration derives from her huge passion for art, saying “I believe that art fills the room and brings it to life, you can put a painting on a blank wall and all of a sudden it’s a room.” Reoccurring trends tend to be autumnal rusty colours and animals, such as brass monkeys, aristocratic dogs, ceramic flamingos and curious insects which gives the interiors a sense of exquisite uniqueness.

Tin Design isn’t afraid to make a statement and mix the styles of their ever-changing products. The shop independently brings an individually unorthodox breath of fresh air to the Leigh-on-Sea broadway.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tindesign/