Skiing isn't a choice, its a way of life... so let Top Gear help you get started!

October 6, 2014 by Joanna Harrison

It was some 30 years ago (yes some of us do go back that far), that Dave Hull, founder of the prestigious Top Gear, identified a huge gap in the renowned expensive skiing market!

His daughter Amanda, then 12, was due to go on her first school skiing trip which as all parents know, is expensive in itself! Back then (in quick math that’s the 80’s to you and I) Skiwear was mouth wateringly expensive with fashion’s offering an array of rather fluorescent oranges, yellows and greens....a trend which is seeing a bit of a revival lately by the way!

Anyway, It was because of this (the cost not the colours) that Dave, had the idea of providing good quality, but reasonably priced ski wear both to buy and hire which has proven extremely popular with schools!

Dave got it right and over the years Top Gear has established an unsurpassed reputation for providing "an extremely reliable, friendly and affordable service" (ski leader at Southend High School for girls). They have become the preferred supplier to the majority of schools in the local Essex area for their Ski Packs and since Amanda came into the business just over 4 years ago (yes that 12 year old grew up) she has leveraged that reputation to extend to many schools in Hertfordshire, as well as schools as far afield as Norfolk.

"School ski trips are typically made up of lots of children that have never skied before, so parents rely on our expertise to advise what ski clothing and accessories are essential to a safe, warm and comfortable trip. All of our staff are keen skiers and I personally worked a ski season in the French Alps so we are in a position to give really good advice.

Parents have saved hard to send their sons and daughters on the holiday and for many it is a one off. For those that are lucky enough to go again and it becomes an annual holiday, the children outgrow their clothing quickly so we specialise in providing the right gear at extremely affordable prices’’. Amanda

So, it was with all that in mind that Top Gear introduced "essential item ski packs" which contain all the essential items for a first time skier or anyone who has very little of the gear required."

The packs contain:

  • 3 base layer vests
  • 2 base layer long johns
  • 2 mid layer fleeces tops
  • Double lens goggle
  • Waterproof/breathable gloves
  • Fleece hat
  • Fleece neck warmer
  • 3 pairs of critically padded ski socks
  • High Altitude sun cream/lip balm combi
  • Ski wrap
  • Free carry bag

*** The normal retail price for all the above items is £200 but Top Gear discounts it down to just £140 ***

And for the rest of your trip? Well, all you need In addition to the above ski packs is a jacket, some salopette’s / pants’ and if chosen, a helmet, all of which Top Gear can provide you with! That means for basically less than £200 you can be fully kitted out for your first skiing adventure!

Hire prices for waterproof and breathable jackets start as low as just £10 for the week and if brand and style is important to you, then you can be sporting an Oakley ski jacket that retails at £100 for just £30!

If you see skiing as your future and want to own your jacket and salopettes, then prices start at just £39.99 for this season's fully waterproof and breathable Dare2be jacket and £29.99 for the salopette!

Yes you read all of that right – ridiculously priced with expert knowledge!

Historically, the ski packs were always exclusive to school parties only, but with sport holidays, specifically skiing, becoming more reasonably priced and therefore more favorable with families, Top Gear are seeing an increased demand for them for all ages, shapes and sizes!

With this in mind, Top Gear are offering the exclusive discounted price of just £140 to any customer that has seen this article.

And one last thing before we go…. Our little secret we’re going to share with you…. The success of the ski pack idea has been so great that Top Gear is introducing it’s own unique brand of ski pack this year called Snow-ki!!

 You could be one of the first to wear this exclusive range!


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